Frequently Asked Questions

To join our swimming lessons your child needs to be at least 3½ years old and older.
Your child does not need to have any swimming skills. We enrol children starting from nervous non-swimmer.

Yes! We have a lot of experience with nervous non-swimmers.

Our swimming program covers swimming levels from nervous non swimmers up to four swimming strokes. Including: full backstroke, full front crawl, full breastroke and basic butterfly. We also teach water awareness and safety skills starting with non swimmer groups onwards. From the very beginning we focus on swimming technique as this makes swimmers understand the water and in future swim faster and longer.
We form groups with a maximum of 5 children in one group.
The swimming lesson takes 30 minutes. We run 12 weeks courses, during the term time.
No, parents do not get into the water. There is a waiting area for parents to watch their children during the lessons.

Yes, teachers get into the water. This depends on the swimming level and needs of the groups teachers are in or out of the pool.

We always try to keep sibling lessons as close as possible to make it easier for your family life. Usually siblings have lessons at the same time or one by one.

At the end of each term teachers work on assessments and making notes in the children’s Award Books. This book shows you what your child can do, and what she/he will be learning next term. Each child gets their first Award Book at the end of their first term with us.

Your child needs a bathing suit. Swimming goggles are not required but helpful. If you have them, bring them to your lessons. You will also need body wash/shampoo and a towel.

Shoes are not allowed in the locker rooms and in the pool area. If you and your child do not want to go barefoot, bring extra shoes/flip-flops.

If your child has a medical condition that requires emergency medicine, please make sure you have it with you during your childs swimming lessons.

Yes, if there is an available place for your child you still can enroll during the term. To find out if there is an available place you will still need to let us know your enrollment information.

Yes, we do keep a waiting list. In case there is no available place for your child / children you will be added to our waiting list.

We open enrolments for each term (Autumn, Spring, Summer).

1. During the first week of open enrollment the first priority goes to previously enrolled swimmers, then their new siblings. If you already have lessons with us, you still need to enroll each term.

2. During the second week of open enrollment we send enrollment information to our waiting list.

3. From the third week the enrollment is open to everyone interested in joining our swimming lesson and we follow the rule “first come first served”.

Enrolments are via email / form only. Below is the step by step guide on how to enroll and pay.

To request a place for your child / children we need to receive answers for the enrolment question which are above. We need those answers to be able to check if there is a place available according to your child’s needs. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

After we receive your request email, we check if there is a place available for your child/children based on your enrolment answers. We let you know about the available place or inform you about adding your child’s name to our waiting list.

If there is a place for your child / children you will receive email with details of available place/places and the payment information. The payments are via BACS only.

If there is no place for your child / children you can be added to our waiting list and as soon as the places become available we let you know.

Do you want your child to join our swimming lessons?

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Ewa Potopianek & Swim Boost Team